Guided care for mother and child

Support the healthcare for mother and child during pregnancy and delivery with flexible and integrable solutions for both in-hospital and remote monitoring

Mission ICT HCTS 

We are ICT HCTS and our ambition is to contribute to a healthy and pleasant pregnancy and birth in those countries where we can add value in the healthcare chain, but also in (at-risk) countries where mother and childcare is less accessible. 

We see it as our task to shape technological solutions that seamlessly connect with the care chain: from fertility to aftercare of a baby. We do this by focusing on data mining, analytics and innovative solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of care. 

Our people are passionate about obstetrics. We know the profession, the dynamics of the industry and our customers' challenges. We remain leader by maintaining a continuous dialogue with our customers and future parents. Because only together will we achieve the optimal integration of technology and obstetrics across the entire width of the parent and childcare chain: before, during and after pregnancy. 

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of our organisation, enabling us to stay ahead in this niche sector. 

Our mission is to realise technologically innovative developments for the benefit of mother and childcare, pre-, during and post-pregnancy.

Vision ICT HCTS 

We see the world changing at a rapid pace. People's health and well-being is an increasingly important driver of economic development in the coming decades.  

In large parts of the world, the number of births is exploding, while maternal and childcare is not equally well regulated or accessible to all in all countries. This leads to pregnancy complications and consequences for mother and child.

Technology is a driving force in improving the quality and efficiency of maternal and childcare. New developments in data collection and data use help caregivers to take timely action.

More and more, we see cooperation in chain care: from the moment of conception to aftercare of the baby. Supporting the integration of that chain care with IT-systems and solutions is a challenge. The Netherlands is a forerunner in integrated chain care around mother and child, partly because of the political landscape. The knowledge and experience gained is of great value in other countries. 

Finally, we see that care has long ceased to belong to the care chain alone. The patient is increasingly in control and involved in her own care process. Healthcare is changing rapidly, as are patients' needs. Innovation is a prerequisite for continuing to support this. 

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