The Philips foetal scalp electrode (FSE) was a trusted tool for monitoring the well-being of the unborn child during labor. However, following a recall and withdrawal last year, the search for a dependable alternative became an urgent matter for healthcare providers. Manufacturers struggled to meet the rising demand, leaving a gap in the market. In response to this critical situation, Neoventa, renowned for its STAN S41 CTG device, increased production of the Goldtrace Foetal Spiral Electrode, offering a gold-plated spiral tip for improved signal collection and an impeccable safety record.

A Solution for Clinical Challenges

In a move to address the clinical demands left unmet after Philips' withdrawal from the market, Neoventa has launched the DECG Legplate Philips Adapter cable this month, making Goldtrace compatible with Philips Avalon CTG devices. This adapter ensures that caregivers no longer need to compromise quality of care because of the unavailability of an FSE.


Collaboration with ICT HCTS

In a bid to ensure the widespread availability of the DECG Adapter Legplate for Philips Avalon devices, Neoventa has partnered with ICT HCTS. This partnership aims to make the adapter readily accessible in the Benelux and the UK, giving purchasing managers a dependable source for this crucial accessory. Healthcare institutions can now streamline their procurement processes and build a reliable supply chain with one trusted partner.

Meeting Clinical Needs

Foetal Scalp Electrodes, like the Goldtrace FSE, play a pivotal role in obstetric care. They are essential when external CTG transducers fail to provide reliable foetal heart rate data or when basic heart rate measurements are insufficient. External monitoring has its limitations, particularly in cases of mothers with a high BMI or during the second stage of labor when precise measurements are crucial. In such instances, external Doppler Ultrasound transducers may not provide the accuracy required.

A foetal scalp electrode serves as a critical tool during labor, attaching to the baby's head to directly record the electrical activity of the heart. This technology empowers clinicians to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the baby's health and allows for assessments in situations where external measurements prove inadequate.


The introduction of the Goldtrace Foetal Spiral Electrode and the DECG Adapter Legplate for Philips Avalon devices represents a significant event for foetal monitoring. Neoventa's commitment to addressing the clinical needs left unmet by Philips' withdrawal helps healthcare providers to continue to deliver safe and effective care.

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